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Hello! I am Greg Fayton, owner of Fayton's Floors. Welcome to my website. I've kept it simple, with a slideshow, some reviews, and a short bio.


I have over 30 years experience installing, repairing and refinishing hardwood floors. It's all I do! I am a registered contractor with the State of Nebraska.

Originally from Michigan, I started Fayton's Floors in California in 1988. Fed up with the high taxes, overcrowded freeways and crazy politics of California, I decided to get back to my midwestern roots, four seasons, and a less stressful life. My wife has relatives in Omaha so we moved here in 2016.

I personally estimate every job, and work on every job along with my son Zach, a former Marine who served two tours in the Middle East. He has 10 years experience. We are experts at hardwood floor repairs, hardwood floor installation and hardwood floor refinishing. We service the greater Omaha area, about a 50 mile radius.


You can check me out on Angie's List, Yelp, Google, Facebook, Smith, Home Guide as well as the phone book. Check out my slideshow and reviews and give me a call for a free estimate. Or even better yet, email me.



Dust-Free Refinishing

10 years ago I designed a dust recovery system that eliminates 99% of the airborne dust. Since then my crew and I and my customers have not had to endure the dust nightmare associated with floor sanding.

As far as I'm concerned, dustless refinishing is the only 

way to go for my health as well as yours. Wood dust is known to cause cancer, not to mention respiratory problems. People with allergies specifically seek my services.

With my system the customer can freely move about their homes without choking on dust during the sanding process. We don't need to wear dust masks. No need to plastic off adjoining rooms, no need to cover drapes, clothes hanging in closets, book shelves, even big screen TVs.

If it wasn't for the noise we could sand around the table while the customers ate dinner!

Zach 2.png

Semper Phi Zach!

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